Happy Galentine’s Day!



Happy Galentine’s Day: A Day for “Ladies Celebrating Ladies.”

It’s only the best day of the year and totally worthy of the TV-turned-reality holiday. See Chrismukkah. So my friend told me about a Parks and Recreation episode where Amy Poehler’s character, Leslie, gets all of her lady friends together on Feb 13 to have a girls-only brunch. Lemme say. Best.Idea.Ever. Who doesn’t love brunch and spending time with friends? I’m always looking for excuses to gather my gal pals for a day away from their significant others. How are you celebrating this galentine’s day?

Perhaps one of these printable cards for each of your gals!? 

So cheers to you ladies for being awesome and standing strong in a world that is trying to make us all crazy mixed up! I appreciate you!

The End.

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