The F Word & Why We Still Need It

As you know I get a lot of inspiration for blog content from the media. And most recently, my friend sent me an article from Buzzfeed articulating “17 Reasons We Still Need Feminism.” (as told by Cambridge University Students)

It really got me thinking again about how we think of Feminism. Is it this giant F-word that gets hushed? Sometimes. Is it a movement? Yup, definitely. Is it inspiring? For me it is!

The University students, both male and female, scribbled down their reasons why they needed feminism on mini whiteboards, held their reason in front of them and posed for a photo. (Be sure to check them out here.)

My Top 5 Favorite Reasons:

  • I can make my own decisions, and my gender doesn’t mean you can stop me
  • I do not want my success to make me undesirable
  • I don’t want to live in a society that discriminates
  • People still say “but you’re a man” when I tell them I’m a feminist
  • Everyone can make their own sandwiches

Why do I need feminism?
I need feminism because I am unwilling to accept society’s stereotypes that all too often say to give up on my dreams. I need feminism because I’m tired of not seeing female leaders or protagonists in the media. I need feminism because I want equal respect and compensation for an equal success and a job well done. Oh and this…

Why do you need feminism, yo?

I need feminism because…

I need feminism because I love smashing girl stereotypes into tiny smithereens in the present in order to pave the way for the future.

Why do you need feminism? Share in the comments!

3 thoughts on “The F Word & Why We Still Need It

  1. Rachel Jankowski

    To be honest, I never really considered feminism to be a part of my daily life; it’s just not something I necessarily think about. Which, of course, is part of the problem with feminism, that girls don’t even know it’s something that still exists. But after reading through the article from Buzzfeed, I realize that feminism is more prevalent than we think. I love that to be a feminist you don’t have to burn your bra or abandon shaving. I love that to be a feminist you don’t even have to be female. I love that feminism can be as simple as believing women deserve respect and equal treatment, and yet as POWERFUL as believing women deserve respect and equal treatment. And I love that these students are standing up for what they believe in… awesome!

  2. Sweeney

    I keep seeing new whiteboards that I hadn’t seen before crop up on Tumblr and they brighten my day each time. I’ve been feeling rather beaten down lately — the media of late is a constant reminder that we’ve still got so much work to do and people don’t seem to get how important it all is. Then, however, I see those posts (or posts like this one!) and my spirits lift because I am reminded by all the powerful voices still fighting the good fight. It motivates me to keep going too. I love that.


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