Bogus “Bikini Bridge”

bridgeWhat in the universe is a “Bikini Bridge” and who started such a thing?

“Bikini Bridge” is not a thing.

This breach of culture was started by the evil Internet imbeciles named 4chan (also responsible for “CuttingforBieber”) in an attempt to make girls hate their bodies (more than most of us already do) and feel insecure about not possessing this bogus body attribute. It’s the new “Thigh Gap” of 2014. No, no it’s not.  It was a test, of sorts, to see if the phenom would take off and become a society staple and so far, it’s working.

Now with 1,645 2,365 likes (since its inception, yesterday) the Facebook page is ever-growing with comments from mostly men (who are horned up, beep beep) rating the girls’ the “bridge” from 1-10. If a bikini bridge was a thing it would be formed when girls lay flat on their backs clad in a bikini and take a selfie of their undercarriage to capture the “bridge” of fabric created when their hips are protruding out farther than their stomach.

I couldn’t spend much time on the page because, well, I was starting to feel physically ill and tossing my cookies (mmm, cookies) was not on today’s to do list. The page description is “this is for those who don’t enjoy porn but do enjoy the erotic glimpse of Bikini Bridge. To see less is more.”

And click, buh-bye.

The Internet misfits weaseled their way into the Twitterverse where there is over 5,000 tweets using #bikinibridge hashtag as well as tragic blog posts that thought this “bridge” was the next body trending shaming thing, like this piece on Buzzfeed Community that shames women who don’t possess this counterfeit curvature and it’s by a woman.


We have to do better, ladies. Because if we don’t, no one else will.

We have to take these hoaxes for what they are, FAKE, and instead of continuing to let them invade our culture, that’s already brittle, we have to put up those shields, blinders or both and be on the offensive (be ahead of the game, in control) of what we read in all mediums and what we write. We must do research to find truths instead of accepting a forged façade.

What words or phrases would you like to see banned from our culture? Ugly Cry? Bubble Butt? Thigh Gap?  Let me know in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Bogus “Bikini Bridge”

    1. Karlyn Post author

      I’m all for healthy lifestyles! But I’m not for Internet hoaxes, like this one started by 4chan, that encourage people to “be” a certain way or change their bodies dramatically because it’s “trendy.” Thanks for your comment, Naynay.

      1. Teah

        Great article! Not everyone will agree with the article, however, educated readers will understand exactly what you are saying to society. If you naturally have a thigh gap…great. If you naturally have a bikini bridge..great. BUT, making lifestyle changes to achieve what society says is perfect means you are not making changes because YOU want to be healthy. You are doing it because you fail to realize just how beautiful you already are!

  1. JenBetweenDots

    Yikes. That is truly scary.

    And to ‘naynay’ bikini bridges are NOT promoting a healthy lifestyle, they are promoting body shaming.

    For anyone who says promoting bikini-bridges and thigh-gaps is a mode of “fourth-wave feminism” you are severely deluded. Read up on feminism please.

    1. Karlyn Post author

      Jen, I totally agree. Promoting these images is body shaming because its dictating to women and the malleable minds of adolescent girls that they must look like this, that this look is something to “aspire” to be. So many, unfortunately, will go to any length to achieve the look. Thank you for your comment!

  2. Jess

    I’m all for everyone loving their body. BOY, HOWDY, am I for everyone loving their body. And I know that for a lot of women, “bikini bridges” and thigh gaps are just the way they’re built. Are they beautiful? Of course! Just like bigger hips are beautiful, or toned quads, or collar bones or tummies, or, or, or.

    But for thigh gaps and “bikini bridges” to be actively sought after is pretty gat dang silly. Work to run a faster mile. Strive to eat cleanly. But trying to force your body into such a specific and rigid mold isn’t healthy, at least not mentally.

    I think I found solace in this whole thing since that article on BuzzFeed wasn’t written by an actual BuzzFeed contributor but was user-submitted. The message I think they were shooting for what that thin women are still beautiful women and skinny shaming is just as bad as fat shaming. To which I say, OF COURSE. But the article missed the mark.

    Great post, Karlyn!


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