These Girls Have a lot to Sing About “Bro-country”

“We used to get a little respect / Now we’re lucky if we even get / To climb up in your truck, keep our mouth shut and ride along / And be the girl in a country song.”

I’ve been a fan of country music for so long and I’m ecstatic that Maddie & Tae just burst on to the scene with a (girl)powerful message, a bit of fun and talent!

Their new song and video, “Girl in a Country Song,” was just released late July and showcases the ridiculousness of many country music video girls in male artists videos and lyrics, from the vixens to the “tan-legged Juliets’,” all while showcasing a major gender switch up.
See what I mean by watching the video.

However, as Huffington Post shared,  the label execs over at Dot Records, who presented the platform for these two country music rookies to be “anti-sugar shakers,” are the same execs who rolled out the red carpet for country “bros” by the likes of Florida Georgia Line and their “brand new Chevy with a lift kit/would look a hell of a lot better with you up in it” as long as your wearing your “bikini top” accompanied by “long tanned legs.”

But what these execs do know is 1) sex sells, which hasn’t really changed until 2) the revival of the girl power movement that has been making waves (and money) throughout mediums recently. This way Dot Records has invested in both means for the most profitability.

What are your thoughts on this parody? Is it funny? Showcase sexism in a different way?

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