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Dancing With Uncertainty

RachelIn a few days, she leaves. I’m sending her off with a plate of sushi and a warm hug. But rather than a “good-bye,” I don’t do well with those, they seem so permanent, so infinite; instead I offer my “see ya later.”

She’s embracing the unknown and squeezing it so tight that I know she will succeed. She’s rocket launching into a new chapter, a new country and a new language—a new life—and I couldn’t admire her more.

She will have gumption. She will have the strength that I’m not sure she knows she has deeply-rooted inside. She will make change, not just in her life, but also in all of those who have the opportunity to be touched by her goodwill and humor.

She will have an experience of a lifetime having big adventures in little Africa, adventures that I can’t wait to tagalong with by reading her words and seeing her photos (thank goodness for the Internet).

Her bravery and fearlessness are constant reminders to take chances, to embrace the unknown in my life, and to not be afraid of what’s to come, but to rather enjoy the journey. While she is gone I’m going to try my best to live loudly, like she is on the other side of the world, as I make attempts and steps to achieving my goals and dreams, because it is because of her that I’ve realized, if you don’t start you won’t grow, learn, change and above all experience.

Love you, Rachel. Cheers to “dancing with uncertainty” as you serve in the Peace Corps in Cameroon, Africa!

Remember: Be Bold. Be Brave. But always Be You!