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Guess Who is Shattering The Glass Ceiling? HINT: She’s Running For President

I’ve come along way from playing with Barbies and memorizing the tag poems of my Beanie Babies — who remembers that insane craze? Because after a certain age girls in America are somehow brain numbed to believe and then adapt to the societal standards. You know the ones I’m talking about…the pesky glass ceiling that puts limits on our dreams and our pay because why? Society — ahem — media told us that we belonged in a kitchen instead of a boardroom. Because we should care more about how we look rather than what’s in between our ears and what comes out of our mouths. I call bullshit.
By now, you’ve heard of the woman who is aiming to shatter the ultimate glass ceiling for women and girls throughout the U.S.—Hillary Clinton is running for President. Do you see that? That’s my feminist pride get brighter. Don your sunnies, people!
In recent years we’ve seen a resurgence of the feminist movement and coalitions of both men and women speaking out for equality for all. My favorite was that of reality star and now big time beauty and style icon, Lauren Conrad, who when asked by a radio host what her favorite position was she — without missing a beat — said, “CEO.”
Then there’s P!nk who most recently gave her fat-shaming trolling critics the one-two punch. Yes, they were saying P!nk the multi-talented aeriall acrobatic singer, was fat. People are just so strong behind a computer keyboard, but P!nk proved to be even strong. Take that haters. I digress…
It’s time for a woman to take the reigns and steer our country toward progress and for me that means making equal pay a reality, protecting our uteruses—uteri?—from government controls and proving to women that they can and should do anything she wants to do without the fear of malarky standards infiltrating her psyche.
More importantly, Hillary is cutting through the overgrown weeds to create a path for the future of girls in this nation. She’s showing girls that their dreams are limitless. If a girl wants to be president of the free world, she can be and no one can tell her its not possible because Hillary will make it possible. She will.
And before those of you say, “I support equal rights and women’s rights but not Hillary Clinton for her past behaviors, etc.” You’re entitled to your opinion, but what you must remember is the bigger picture. Currently she’s the only person on the progressive side of the aisle announce her run for the Oval and with four of the Supreme Court justices being over the age of 70, some even into their 80s means the next President of the United States will be appointing FOUR. Count ‘em: one, two, three, FOUR new justices who will be pounding the gavel to either make or break our society and the rules that govern it. I can almost feel my uterus hike up into my intestines in fear. Eeek!

Dancing With Uncertainty

RachelIn a few days, she leaves. I’m sending her off with a plate of sushi and a warm hug. But rather than a “good-bye,” I don’t do well with those, they seem so permanent, so infinite; instead I offer my “see ya later.”

She’s embracing the unknown and squeezing it so tight that I know she will succeed. She’s rocket launching into a new chapter, a new country and a new language—a new life—and I couldn’t admire her more.

She will have gumption. She will have the strength that I’m not sure she knows she has deeply-rooted inside. She will make change, not just in her life, but also in all of those who have the opportunity to be touched by her goodwill and humor.

She will have an experience of a lifetime having big adventures in little Africa, adventures that I can’t wait to tagalong with by reading her words and seeing her photos (thank goodness for the Internet).

Her bravery and fearlessness are constant reminders to take chances, to embrace the unknown in my life, and to not be afraid of what’s to come, but to rather enjoy the journey. While she is gone I’m going to try my best to live loudly, like she is on the other side of the world, as I make attempts and steps to achieving my goals and dreams, because it is because of her that I’ve realized, if you don’t start you won’t grow, learn, change and above all experience.

Love you, Rachel. Cheers to “dancing with uncertainty” as you serve in the Peace Corps in Cameroon, Africa!

Remember: Be Bold. Be Brave. But always Be You!

14 Things to Start Doing in 2014

In the spirit of the New Year I’m listing 14 things we women, girls, females need to start doing in 2014!

Ready, steady, GO!

1. Say “yes” to yourself more
and “no” others or activities that really just don’t give you that “omg, I’m going to pee my pants I’m so excited” feeling! 

2. Exercise not to “get thin”, but because endorphins make you feel all the happies
Because, science

3. Accepting that life is a journey and you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be
hey fate, I’m looking at you

NewYear20144. Take a deep breath and relax
Maybe it’s yoga, a massage, some peace and quiet with a good book, or even a glass of wine. cheers! *clink*

5. Cherish moments with family & friends focusing more on the experience of being with each other and…

6. For the love of all things, put down the phone and walk a way
We’re all guilty of it. Desperately wanting to capture that moment, freeze it in time for eternity, posting it on the web, for eternity, but what about relishing the moment without the digital device? Try it. I think you and I will like it! 

7. Be mindful of spending
This year I have a goal of finally getting out of my parents house, yup I’m 25 and live at home because 1) real estate and rent in the DC metro area in outrageous and 2) I’d rather spend money on bottomless brunches and traveling. I’m tracking my spending, maybe cutting out some traveling, setting up automatic banking transfers to my savings, getting my Roth IRA up to speed and start some investing. Oh hey adulthood, waddup. By focusing on these simple and sometimes daunting tasks your 65 year old self will be happy to retire and not be poor. YAY!

8. Dance more, because again happies
Whether you dance in the club, Zumba at the gym, take salsa or line dance lessons or simply prancercise around your bedroom in your undies, we all need to let loose! 

9. Write life in a journal
When I was 10, I started my journaling experience filling up an entire composition book of my thoughts and daily activities, and I can’t wait to stumbled upon that lovely piece of literary (ha!) work! Writing is therapeutic and often allows us to reflect on our day, week, month.  Plus, it’ll be fun for your relatives to comb through your life archives when you’re 90.

10. Finish things you start, this includes books, movies, and dreams
HUGE focus on dreams.  For about a year, I’ve had this business idea I’ve let fear wiggle its way in to my psyche! You can’t fail if you never take that first step and START! Getting to it “later” often means “never.”  That thing you’ve been waiting to start, be like Nike and just do it! 

11. Start to put yourself out into the dating world.
Personally, I was pretty dang bold in the realm of dating in the latter half of 2013, I randomly Facebook messaged one of these handsome guys from Inside Edition segment (successfully going out on a few dates), tweeted at Ryan Kerrigan of the Washington Redskins to be my NYE date. (to no avail) But seriously if anyone knows Kerrigan, holler atcha girl!!

12. Start believing in yourself
This is kind of like number 10, but if you can dream it you can do it. And for us fierce females we have to start doing because we are capable and we shouldn’t let the media, men, other females or anyone else dampen that spirit.

13. Learn something new
Coding, Photography, and there’s always those Pinterest recipes and crafts that no matter how many you pin, they will not make themselves.

14. Be you!

WHAT ARE SOME THINGS YOU’RE GOING TO START DOING IN 2014?!? Leave a comment! Happy New Year!