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Because Vegas…


Sporting the new shades!

This morning I went to clean off my sunglasses from this past weekend in Vegas, where I met 68 new friends, and decided to just leave the chlorine droplets, greasy finger prints and cigarette tinge because it reminds me of all the adventures and fun I had being in Sin City for the first time with some of the coolest and most genuine people I have met! And breathe.

So this post is going to have a bit of a personal spin, but its fun to open up every now and again right? Right. This is my first trip and last trip with Bloggers in Sin City as this will be the fifth and final time it will ever happen. I admit it makes my heart hurt a bit, but also I’m so happy I took the plunge and just went for it! ALL of it.
Luckily, prior to the trip I was fortunate to meet up with Nicole, the ultra rad creator of this fantastical weekend and other bloggers who came in town for the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon in March and another time I met up with the DMV bloggers to do what we do best, a boozy brunch. Meeting up with a few of my Internet friends in person gave me peace of mind and my mother the opportunity to realize that I wasn’t crazy and that yes these people I’ve “known” online are actually IRL (in real life) individuals.

ALL the reflecting:

Mixing at Serendipity3

Mixing at Serendipity3

Upon arrival I was hella nervous because many of the people had been there for almost an entire 24 hours together and had all the 8-second hugs (hugs bond people, fact.) I had missed out. I awkwardly showed up with all my things to the registration room and what I was not prepared for was many of these larger-than-life personalities online would in real life be introverted and you know what, they were freaking normal. Well at least for a few more hours because in those hours of eating Serendipity3 savory treats, staring contests, more 8-second hugs, pineapple mango mojitos and uncontrollable laughter we became friends.
Friends that in the next few days would dance at Margaritaville, sing Disney in the middle of the casino, play in waterfalls at the pool, nap, sightsee, frolick and be VIPs who sport white clothing down the strip leading to comments like:
a. “That’s the biggest wedding party I’ve ever seen.”
b. “Are they all getting married?” #sisterwives
c. “What is happening right now?”

Wicked White Party Classiness.

Wicked White Party Classiness.

Until this weekend I would have labeled myself a shy person in new situations with practically strangers, but I found that when put in said position I somehow naturally become an extrovert, maybe my way of coping with a new situation is just putting myself out there, squashing the nervousness and embracing the present moment. This is a forever fabulous observation and I often throughout the trip found myself sitting, hanging, eating, drinking, lounging and just gallivanting all over the place with every and all BiSC-uits because I wanted to be friends with EVERYONE. Because VEGAS.

My Days in Vegas Told in List Form

(because they’re just easier to digest and read, always.) oh! and more photos